Mesies Selecció

Long aging red wine
Garnacha and Morenillo comming from ancient vineyards
Harvest and production: The grapes are selectioned and handcutted. They are transported in boxes in order to keep the health of the grapes and to keep them at its best conditions. The wine is obtained under a controled temperature of 26-28ª C.. The paste remains inserted in barrels for twenty days It is the necessary time to obtain the suitable levels of color and poliphenolic substances.
Aging: Aging in French oak barrels for fourteen months until bootling in May.
Taste: It is a black, well undercovered wine with a deep cherry and slightly purpled color. It has a n acute bouquet of well riped fruits and toasted spices(vanilla, etc.) provided by the barrels. It is a complex bouquet. In the mouth, we will notice that it is a equilibrated, fleshy and aged wine, red and sweet ripe fruit-flavoured wine with licorice and mineral features. We can say that this wine has got well aged taninos integrated into the structure of the wine, this fact gives to the wine a nice and persistent post- taste . This taste combinated with the flavour of the oakwood of the barrels give complexity to the wine which will improve during the time it will remain in the bottle.
Gastronomy and preserving: It is an ideal wine for accompany white and red meat, lamb , fowlmeat, rice and ripe cheese. The wine must be served at a temperature 18-20ª C.