Mesies Garnatxa

Young red wine .
Grenache 100%
Grape harvest and production The grapes are selectioned and handcutted. They are transported in boxes in order to keep the health of the grapes and to keep them at its best conditions. The wine is obtained under a controled temperature. The paste is inserted in barrels for the necessary time to obtain the suitable levels of colour and poliphenilic substances.
Tasting: It is a young black and cherry coloured wine with purplish shades. It is a light and fine wine with features of ripe fruits in the nose and in the mouth that makes this wine a young , soft and fresh wine. It is equilibrate and very nice wine . It has a very persistent taste.
Gastronomy and preserving It is an ideal wine for accompany white and red meat, lamb , fowlmeat, rice and cheese. The wine must be served at a temperature 17-18ª C.