Mesies Blanc

Grapes: Macabeo and white Sauvignon

Grape harvest and production: Selection of whole grapes, healthy and in optimal conditions for its elaboration at a controlled temperature during about 8 days. The varieties were fermented individually and then blended to make this wine. The process of clarification is carried out in a natural way. The wine has been bottled along the firsts january days.

Tasting: It is a white wine. It is a yellow wine with golden highlights and Ocher shadows. The wine has a powerfull and fruity flavour with vanilla and tropical toasted fruits features.In the mouth , it is a wide , fleshy, soft , equilibrate and fruity wine with a quite long and powerfull post-taste apart from complex sensations.

Gastronomy and preserving: It is an ideal wine for accompany fish, raw / cooked or sauced seafood, fish mousse , seafood mousse, soup, cream smoked food, and fresh cheese The wine must be served at a temperature 6-8ºª C.